Creating the connection between Investments and Growth!

Coripple streamlines the interaction between investors and promising startups and projects through direct, simple, and efficient virtualization.

Startup pitch

Discover startups' cutting-edge methods, tech, and disruptions through virtual pitches.

SMEs and Projects

Co-venture with high-potential growth firms for market entry and development assistance.

Research and Spinoffs

Virtually discuss innovative research projects, methods, and disruptive ideas for collaboration, commercialization, and funding.

Initiatives and Societal Challenges

Explore compelling commercial initiatives and challenges that drive new business models, innovation, and growth opportunities.

Startups & Funding

Investors enter a process at the right time

By harnessing the key advantages of virtualization, we transform interactions between startups and investors to become more accessible and efficient.

Different business needs, different business goals

Subsidies and Programs

Collaborate with governmental agencies to champion promising projects and initiatives with the potential for both national and international success.

Investment and Lending

Explore virtually showcased promising projects ripe for investment and funding, guaranteeing market success.

Corporates and Co-Ventures

Easily forge corporate partnerships to bolster innovative startups and SMEs, fostering mutual business success and cost-effective transformation.


Facilitating direct interaction between investors for financial success

Coripple facilitates seamless interaction and collaboration among national and international investors, fostering a strategic investment approach.