About Us

We're a Dutch startup located in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. We are moving out of the PoC Phase, already connecting nationally and internationally with innovative organizations and interested stakeholders. We are launching a next-generation B2B collaboration network based on intelligent, structured virtualization for Business Development, Partnerships, and Innovation.

Our Mission

With the best technologies, we are set to bring this next-generation user-centric B2B collaboration platform. Coripple should intuitively and actively support the organizations in achieving their goals on the platform for efficient, effective, structured B2B interaction connecting sectors, markets, and regions.

Our Focus

Our focus is on the Benelux region, Europe. For added value, the platform is freely accessible to organizations across markets. We also actively search and invite worldwide innovative organizations and stakeholders across different sectors to add value and improve and structure our platform more.

Our Approach

We aim to use Intelligent Virtualization to solve the time-consuming, inefficient (initial) interaction among organizations regarding a product, service, method, or technology. Coripple should actively support and make it easy for startups and SMEs to find their customers and connect for capital with investors. Public bodies to structure and strengthen their region. Corporate innovators to join for inspiration, sharing ideas, and developing innovation opportunities. Research institutes and Labs to more effectively valorize their findings nationally and internationally

Intuitive Logic and Cooperation

In our R&D, we approach, work with, and get supported by research centers. We also search nationally and internationally for the driven engineer to achieve excellence in our engineering.


Till 2025, Coripple Premium subscription is unrestricted, free, and non-binding! Verification: an organization's currently optional background check is not included.

From the year 2025, Coripple will start to offer two membership accounts. A Premium standard version and Engage Premium for teams. Both memberships provide an unrestricted subscription, the continuation of the current subscription.

We thank the Brabantse Ontwikkelings Maatschappij and the Province of North Brabant for supporting Coripple in its initial PoC phase.

George (C.) Somi, MScFI

Managing director

While earning my master's degree in Finance and investments from the Erasmus University of Rotterdam, my passion is creating solutions with people who want to make a difference. With the Coripple team, our main drive is to contribute to positive societal transformations that could disrupt whole processes for the better.

Coripple head office

Flight Forum 40
5657DB Eindhoven,
The Netherlands,

Chamber of Commerce registration
number: 64214435