Connecting Finance and Investments to Innovation and Growth!

Coripple makes the interaction between investors and promising startups and projects through virtualization direct, simple, and efficient.

Startup pitch

Startups' new methods, technologies, and disruption are easily virtually pitched to potential investors for investment and acceleration.

SMEs projects

Promising growth companies can directly connect for market entry and -development support.

Reseach & Spinoffs

Novel research projects, methods, and disruption are made virtually visible for collaboration, commercialization, and funding.

Initiatives & Societal Challenges

Initiatives and Challenges are virtually matched and communicated to interested parties to create new business models, Innovation, and growth opportunities.

Startups & Funding

Investors enter a process at the right time

Through virtualization, the interaction between startups and investors is made more accessible and efficient.

Different business needs, different business goals

Subsidies & Programs

Work with Governmental agencies supporting promising projects and initiatives to succeed nationally and internationally.

Investment & Lending

Promising projects are efficiently virtually made visible for investment and loans, ensuring market success.

Corporates & Co-Ventures

Corporations can easily partner to support innovative startups and SMEs for mutual business success and cost-effective business transformation.

Investor Collaboration

Investors collaborate for financial success

Coripple makes it easy for investors nationally and internationally to interact and Join forces for a strategic investment approach!