By focusing on the organization's Business development, we enable B2B Collaboration, Transformation and Knowledge transfer.

We are evolving out of our PoC and launching a unique intuitive structured B2B interaction network phased by 2023.

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Research institutes & - Labs


Corporates & SME


Startups & Scaleups


Support Hubs, Funds & Agencies



Structure your Network for the right connections, business opportunities and solutions!

Network for business opportunities across Ten sectors, nationally and internationally or structure your network to your industry and market only.

Connect for Business development

Market your solution domestically or to an international audience, and build a network with new and future clients across sectors.

Connect for innovation and know-how

In current competitive dynamics, model your business processes to the latest development in your sector. Get directly connected with different Research institutes, innovative organizations and disruptive startups.

Connect for Market entry, Market development and support

Considering a market entry. Network directly in the ecosystem for Co-venture or receive direct support from country business support agencies and Hubs for market development or market entry to their market.

Strategically explore business opportunities through cross-overs, co-ventures, and partnering with government programmes across ten sectors, national and international.

Improve your business agility by working with trusted service providers in different fields of expertise–worldwide!

  • Legal services
  • Software development
  • Manufacturing
  • Prototyping services

Interconnecting organizations; Reach the organization's decision-makers with a simple mouse click.

Connect with the researcher and partner with the Research centers/-labs, nationally and internationally.

Validate your research and elevate your technology and methods by adopting valorization, partnering in Research & Development or just virtually asking a question for (free) know-how.

Find the right cooperation, partnership and talent when you need it!

Request a Co-venture or a Partnership

Model your business processes, elevate your organization and increase project success through know-how, resources and technology by co-venturing and cooperation in current competitive dynamics.

Create a Project

Innovate, and keep pace in your digital transformation by hiring the right talent from the most innovative, established Tech-companies, -institutions worldwide.

Post a Call

Partner up for the right solution and methods and open potential new revenue streams beyond your company's core business.

A B2B Interaction Network

Find all you need on Coripple to grow and transform your organization in a world that keeps moving faster.

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