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An EU, Global cross-border cooperation network

for co-creation, transformation, innovation, and business development.

Business development

Connect and interactively communicate with organization decision-makers your products, services, and solutions, nationally and internationally.


Keep pace by connecting with Research centers and Tech companies for the right partnerships, technologies, solutions, and methods.

Digital transformation

Transform your business processes at a fraction of the costs through project outsourcing and working with the right Tech companies and research centers!

Create your Partner portal!

Contribute and structure your B2B interaction to your sector or find opportunities and solutions through crossovers.

Elevate Elevate your organization by co-venturing and partnering with disruptive startups and research in different industries.

Find globally products, technologies, and the right solutions with the click of a button.

Improve your business agility by working with trusted service providers in different fields of expertise–worldwide!

Considering a Market Entry?

Connect in the ecosystem with governmental agencies that, with no cost, can assist you with your market entry, business development, and funding!

Cooperate and adapt faster!

Innovate, and keep your business transformation cost-effective by cooperating with the most innovative, established Tech-companies, -institutions worldwide.

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Transform your organization - cost-effectively!

Post your project and find the solution for your next project with the newest methods and digital technologies.

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Explore Cross-sector Business Opportunities and Solutions!

Coripple stimulates collaborative and cross-industry business opportunities that stretch across >10 business sectors in current new competitive dynamics.

Find the right solution.

Post a call and co-venture for the right solution and method and open potential new revenue streams beyond your company's core business.

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Corporates work with Startups and evolve together!

Taping AI and IoT to balance industrial equipment cost, performance and risk in a manufacturing process.

Using IoT and AI to analyze machines, predict outages, optimize manufacturing equipment to help improve productivity and increase workplace safety and reliability across the whole enterprise.

Taping predictive Analytics for more actionable insights into employee rising risks and health concerns.

Using Big data, IoT and AI to reshape how employees receive personalized services from their employer and colleagues to increase employee happiness at work and decrease of health-related absenteeism.

UV-LED a disruptive technology generating UV in a totally new, less energy-intensive way.

LEDs (light-emitting diodes, smaller and more robust than UV bulbs, and can therefore be configured and used in a much wider variety of applications. Such as, on ships to disinfect ballast water (an emerging market due to new regulations).

The World moves fast, move faster with Coripple

Redefine your business agility by shaping your projects through interaction and collaboration at the push of the button!

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